Grove Electronics Ltd


Windows Software Expertise



Whatever your project, be it purely hardware or a combination of hardware, firmware and software, it is often necessary to have some kind of windows interface in order to either test your product, or offer end user windows applications.

Grove Electronics can offer you a one-stop-shop solution for any windows application requirement.

Software is largely written under the Labview development environment, which offers a fast time to market without the complexities of many other development paths.

Expertise can be found in:

  • Signal processing

  • Signal and data manipulation

  • Logging

  • Graphical representation

  • Image processing and representation

  • Communications

  • Real-time analysis

  • Control Systems

  • Test Systems

  • Set-up and configuration software

  • Protected systems (dongle or password)

  • General windows GUI's

Many other requirements may be needed for your particular system, so please give send an email to discuss further.