Grove Electronics Ltd


Hardware Design Expertise

Grove Electronics can offer you a vast amount of expertise when it comes to the initial design concept and the best way to proceed.  Whether your product is a very simple one or a highly complex system, we can offer a professional and fitting solution.

The skills-base offered includes:

DSP based systems - With the ever-reducing costs of DSPs, they now offer an ideal solution to a number of applications.  The advanced digital signal processors on the market today can often offer a cheap, one-chip solution to a problem.  This may include a 32-bit ALU, pipe-line processing, on-board flash memory, RAM and many peripherals, all included in a tiny footprint.

Microcontroller systems - Whether you wish to control a process, perform analogue measurements, add communications or any combination of these, a cheap microcontroller based system may be the answer.  In some cases a dual or mutli-processor system may add the flexibility you require.

Analogue measurement - If you are interested in making analogue system measurements from a host of inputs, such as temperature measurement from a PRT or thermocouple, multi pulse inputs from a 4-20mA loop, we can offer the design expertise.

Digital measurement - If you are looking to take high speed digital input measurements a DSP based system as mentioned above or a simple digital control circuit may offer you the solution.

All PCB hardware design takes into consideration the latest EMC requirements and any other special requirement you may have.