Grove Electronics Ltd


Andrew J Bennett - Company Director


The director of Grove Electronics has many years experience of product development, be it a complete embedded design solution or a windows-based human machine interface.  

Andrew has a BEng Honours degree in Electronic Engineering obtained from the University of East Anglia in Norwich and is a member of the Institute of Electronic Engineers.

His areas of expertise include, biotechnology, medical devices, industrial control, measurement, security, process control and monitoring, telemetry, remote security, advanced data logging, image processing, digital signal processing, and marine electronics.  Most technologies include a microcontroller or DSP based system and with many solutions already implemented the design time to market can be kept to a minimum.

Having worked on a wide variety of projects, from the integration of electronics into existing products to the complete development from concept to market, Andrew believes Grove Electronics is well suited to give you the best design solution.  The best resolution always comes from building a close working relationship with the customer in order to minimise errors and time to market.

Please feel free to email for more information on design solutions.